Monster collection

The monster collection contains a case for 4 pencils, a wooden block for storing writing utensils & a A3 leather bag. This collection was named monster after our chance encounter with avertical shaper in the woodworking workshop of Joseph Miele. After many weeks of mutual observation, communication was finaly established. Each one of our objects is sculpted by each of its jaws. We have rendered the shape of its teeths to enclose pencils - “stuffmonster”. We have rendered the strenght of its teeths with a black screw to lock in some pencils - “penmonster”. We have rendered its skin to make a bag - “papermonster”. Collaboration with Camille Blin.

year: 2010
client: A-C-E, Okolo
product: Accessory, Misc
photographer: Federico Berardi
Material: Ash wood, leather
Size: Various